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Capelli Capelli : All about hair. From cool hair cuts hairstyles pi hairdressers ù (long, short), products for hair care, the best colors hair and more hair. In this section you will find many useful tips to take care of your hair and those of the whole family. According to à, there are sex and et techniques and different remedies for each situation. Here you will have at your disposal clear and practical information on hair care to women, men and children. Useful and practical tools that will help to make your hair visibly thicker and stronger. Hair care, ò, is not limited only to daily attention. There are numerous situations in which our hair requires special care. For this, we give you tips and advice specific to hairdressers to fight the pi ù common and widespread problems related to hair care. Today, due to the frenetic rhythms of life, of smog and stress, more and more people suffer from ù of alteration of the scalp, resulting in weakening of the hair fiber. In these cases, the problem è evident: in fact, our hair appear dry, devoid of substance and lose their natural shape. To work around this problem, we propose a series of remedies and tips from hairdressers effective designed to strengthen hair.  

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Capelli Capelli - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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24 May 18


Organizados por Salón Look, el objetivo de estos galardones es poner de relieve la labor de profesionales, empresas y entidades de los sectores de Peluquería y Estética, que con su creatividad y esfuerzo impulsan una mejora en la formación, la gestión empresarial, así como en la promoción, información y acción social. Los ganadores de esta convocatoria se darán a conocer el próximo 5 junio, en un acto en el Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, que reunirá a los mejores profesionales de la Estética y la Peluquería de España.

Un total de 48 profesionales, empresas y entidades han sido elegidos como finalistas de la VI edición de los Premios Salón Look, organizados por Salón Look, certamen líder en el ámbito de la belleza en el mercado de habla hispana, que organiza IFEMA.

Así, han sido seleccionados en Mejor Comunicación on line, Belleza Activa, Belleza en Vena y Ediciones Planet Look; Mejor Comunicación off line, Belleza Capital, Shangay y Telva; Mejor Proyecto Empresarial de Peluquería, Bueno Hermanos, Hairkrone y TheQHair; Mejor proyecto Empresarial de Estética, Cocoon Medical, Saphire y Termosalud; Mejor Salón concepto de Peluquería, BarbaVerde, Coolday y La Barbería de Gracia; Mejor Salón Concepto Estética, Carmen Navarro, Claudia di Paolo y The Beauty Concept; Mejor Proyecto de Formación, Academias Grupo C&C, Alma Corporation-Rizos y Passaró Original Barber, y en Mejor Acción Solidaria, Embellece tu Futuro-L’Oreal España; Fundación VMW Cosmetic Group y Mechones Solidarios.

Entre estos finalistas saldrán los ocho ganadores absolutos de esta sexta convocatoria de los premios Salón Look en las ocho categorías establecidas. Asimismo, los premios Salón Look conceden en cada edición dos Premios Honoríficos a destacados profesionales, que en esta ocasión han recaído en Mª del Carmen Madrigal y las Hermanas Emma y Matilde Saurina, por simplicación y dedicación personal en los sectores de la Peluquería y la Estética, respectivamente.


24 May 18

Tony Rizzo, in collaborazione con la Sanrizz Academy e con A.S.A.S. Associazione Stilisti Acconciatori Sanniti presenta a Ceppaloni (Benevento) l'Inspirational Day: un weekend dedicato alla moda-capelli e alla Collezioni Graffiti.


Domenica 27 maggio dalle ore 14.30 alle ore 17.30 ci sarà la presentazione della collezione, mentre il 28 e 29 maggio saranno due giorni dedicati ad un corso avanzato di taglio e colore. Non mancare!


24 May 18

Inspired by the concept of a flock of birds taking flight together, this is a visual representation of how fragile fibres woven together amass strength and beauty. This collection aims to celebrate our individual fragility and diversity, yet demonstrate the strength we can achieve when we come together. In the same way that a flock of birds is contrived of many species, as human beings, our rich and diverse cultures all have a role to play in that it has something to offer the collective strength, whether it be traditional cuisine, fashion, dance, rituals or simply a way of living.

Collection: Soar
Ph: Andrew O’ Toole
Make-up: Kylie O’ Toole
Styling: Elaine Marshall


24 May 18

Collection: Enigma
Ph: David Mannah
Make-up: Chereine Waddel
Styling: Phoebe Clare Mckay & Demetra Kakopieros
Video: Jarred Stedman


24 May 18

Suffragettes: both bonafide ‘punks’ of their own eras. For the hair, the hairstylist wanted dramatic and defined lines and shapes. The cutting was made up of varying bold lengths and layers to achieve an uneven and undone feel. He wanted to create contrast so he designed some elements of the hair sleek, while the rest was very disheveled and moving, yet highly stylized. He used loops and braiding to create a look of beautiful armor on a modern rebel. For the hairstylist ‘Suffragette’ represents female empowerment, strength and fortune favoring the brave.

Collection: Suffragettes
Ph: Haley Renee Photograohy
Make-up: Mandy Nash & Aleksandra Pinneri
Styling: Cimon Vozzo


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